History of Ocean Seas Dermatology

The families of Ocean Seas Dermatology have experienced the frustration and ineffectiveness of acne treatments just like you have. It seems like accutane is the only thing that works and it is so dangerous that we just could never try it. We have tried the prescription and over the counter treatments and nothing ever seemed to work.

We have lived on the coast of both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and realized how great the skin looks when we are at the beach all the time. Since we are scientists and doctors we researched what could be in the ocean water to make this happen. This led to the patents and also to clinical trials performed through the FDA. This process has led to the three products we offer at Ocean Seas Dermatology.

Ocean Seas Dermatology Sea Treatment Solution

We researched and learned everything we could and discovered that the water of the Dead Sea is the best for people with skin problems, including acne. We then made synthetic sea water using pharmaceutical grade minerals and elements to precisely match the Dead Sea which is ocean water with a very high level of magnesium. This product is Ocean Seas Dermatology Sea Treatment Solution and this is now patented to treat acne. Please see our Patents page.

This product is marketed as a cosmetic and not an acne drug (for the reasons in “Clinical Trials”). It is because cosmetics are not regulated by the FDA.

Your skin will look like you go the beach everyday!

Ocean Seas Dermatology Acne Treatment Cleanser

We want to help people with acne so we also provide Ocean Seas Dermatology Acne Treatment Cleanser. This product is generally recognized as being safe and effective by the FDA. Ocean Seas Dermatology Acne Treatment Cleanser is marketed to treat acne.

Ocean Seas Dermatology Probiotic

Probiotics are live bacteria that live in your digestive tract. Why are the scientists and doctors at Ocean Seas Dermatology giving you this when are trying to help people with acne?

The reason is that research has shown that people with acne are healthier when they take probiotics. An amazing fact is that we have more bacteria in our digestive tracts (stomach and intestines) than we have cells in our bodies. Yes, humans have more bacteria than cells! When these are ‘bad’ bacteria they cause problems. When they are the good bacteria that you get with Ocean Seas Dermatology Probiotics they give you health.

This is just a medical fact. In fact, studies have even shown that probiotics help the appearance of the skin for people with acne! Now you must know that probiotics are not FDA approved to treat acne so Ocean Seas Dermatology is not using this product for acne treatment. Ocean Seas Dermatology is giving you Ocean Seas Dermatology Probiotic for your general health, because people with acne need probiotics to be healthy.

That is why we say,
You will look and be healthy with the products of Ocean Seas Dermatology!